MonkeyJump Music Party with Vanessa Trien! 

GroovyBabyMusic pairs up with performing songwriter and music educator, Vanessa Trien, this year to present her personally-designed new program, "MonkeyJump Music and Movement P arty!" This unique program draws from Vanessa's original family music from her four award-winning CDs and beyond! This program combines an interactive sing-and-dance-along with a special free play portion so families may socialize as children explore and play in a safe, inviting space. Each music party has its own age designation so music activities can be selected to best match each age group, though free play time will allow families to “mix and mingle!” During this 6-week program, families sing along to Vanessa’s original tunes and join the band with percussion instruments, parachutes, bubbles and more, to really get the party rocking. With 16 families per class, this program stretches beyond the music class format and is more free, since the focus will be a community-building music party!

                                   STARTING LATER THIS FALL!

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More about MonkeyJump Music Party: 

About her MonkeyJump classes, Vanessa says, "My vision for these classes is to offer a warm, inviting space for families to connect with their babies and toddlers through joyful, educational, music and movement-rich experiences, as well as with a community of other families. Community building can happen as young children become accustomed to exploring and socializing with other children, while parents will benefit from new connections and friendships, as well as more confidence to make music an integral part of their everyday lives at home. So, let's have a music party!"

More about Vanessa Trien:

Vanessa Trien is well-known in the Brookline community for her packed kids' shows with her band, "Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys," and her four Parents' Choice Award-winning family CDs. She also taught Music Together® classes with Groovybabymusic for a whopping ten years, and has spent the last five years teaching early childhood music in preschool classrooms for Brookline's BEEP program, and through Young Audiences' "Expanding Horizons Through Music" program. Last winter she began exploring her ideas with trial MonkeyJump classes in Brookline Village and is looking forward to sharing these classes again this winter in its new winter home of Inner Space Yoga.