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Music Together: Sing, Jam, Move & Groove

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GroovyBabyMusic offers Music Together, the very best research-based, internationally recognized early childhood music program for kids. The developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement, including extensive take-home music and materials, so you get the most out of your class experience. GroovyBabyMusic puts it's unique flair on the Music Together method, with our talented teaching staff and enriching lessons which incorporate various instruments and props, striking the perfect balance of structure and free-play, to keep learning fun!

What Do Classes Cost?



9 weekly, 45 minute classes
$275. Discounted Sibling Fee: $135
Children under 1 year FREE with registered sibling

*Please read note below on classes at ALLO: We’ve teamed up with Allo Indoor Playscape to bring together the music you love and the best indoor playscape Boston has to offer. This music series incorporates a discounted Allo admission pack so you can enjoy both your class and playing at Allo the entire semester long. Once you register with Groovy Baby, you will receive a digital invoice from Allo for your discounted play pass of $90. Allo members won't have to pay the additional fee. This is a combination offer and cannot be separated. Kids get to Groove AND Play! It's a win/win!


6 weekly, 45 minute classes
$195. Discounted Sibling Fee $95
Children under 1 year FREE with registered sibling

What Does Tuition Include?

  • One professionally recorded CD as well as an access code for the Music Together online Family Music Zone with a downloadable version
  • Songbook of songs, class activities, rhythmic chants, lullabies, and tonal and rhythm patterns, with family activity suggestions
  • A different song collection each semester!
  • A booklet, "Music & Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers" outlining research behind the program aiding in understanding  your child's music development
  • Families also receive a quarterly e-newsletter and access to the national informative website
  • Miss a class? Make it Up! Simply register using our online makeup scheduler. Visit one of our other programs as your makeup too.

What should you expect in a Music Together Class?

  • Classes are made up of 10-12 families, each child accompanied by one (or both) parents, or caregiver. 
  • Classes meet for 45-minutes each week (for 9 weeks during Fall, Winter, & Spring Semesters, and for 6 weeks during Summer Semester)
  • Adults and children sit in a circle and participate, led by a teacher who is a professional musician and certified in early childhood music.
  • Each week the teacher leads the class in song and rhythmic chants featured in the song collection, playing their own arrangements on guitar or ukelele making classes just as fun for adults and giving your child a positive role-model, inspiring them to play themselves
  • The teacher also shares "Parent Education Moments" each week detailing research about early-childhood music development

The songs are presented through a variety of music activities which incorporate:

  • Hello Song to greet our friends and classmates
  • FUN, interactive ways to focus on tonal & rhythm development
  • Small and large movement
  • Use of Instruments: Shaker Eggs, Rhythm Sticks, Tambourines, Resonator Bells, Jingle Bells, & Drums
  • Use of Props:Scarves, Balls, Rainbow Rope, Ribbon Bands, Parachute, & Puppets
  • Jam Session of jazz, blues, funk, bossanova, ska, rock n' roll, and world music for free-play, improvisation and expressive movement   with play-along instruments including: Maracas, Castanets, Cymbals, Claves, Guiros, Sound Shapes, Animal Shakes & Jingles
  • Lullaby Ritual to cuddle up with a pillow, and wind-down with quiet singing to bond with your child
  • Goodbye Song to wave and give hugs to our friends until we meet next week. Then kids love getting to play the teachers' instrument!

Scholarship Info & Why Classes for All?

Here at GroovyBabyMusic, we are committed to bringing music to everyone in our community. We want all families to have the opportunity to experience the joy of our classes, so we allow everyone to join us, regardless of ability to pay!

Please feel free to Contact Us to receive financial assistance for our classes and we will email you our scholarship application form. We will always do our best to accommodate you!


Babies Classes!

Most of our classes are mixed-age, newborn-4 years old, but we also have BABIES classes, for newborn-8 monthsThe music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. A great opportunity to connect with other parents of newborns and learn some fascinating music activities you can recreate at home with your baby.

WEDNESDAYS (11am-BABIES) January 15-March 11 at Lesley University, Porter Sq. (Room 4-009)

SUNDAYS (11:15am-BABIES) January 19-March 15 at Torit Montessori School, Charles/MGH BOSTON