I just want to thank you for helping us get Georgie to Music Together® with Jeff. Georgie had such a great time and has really made developmental progress thanks to music class. Also, he has made some great friends who we are continuing to meet up with outside of class. He even learned how to sign music so that he can sign "more music" in order to request his Music Together Bongos CD and sing along. Attached is a picture of him clapping to his music on the way out of the apartment. I can't think you enough for helping make it possible!
-Andrea Wolf (mom of Georgie 2 years, 3months)

I want you to know how very special these classes have made our Saturday mornings
together. The class is like magic for her--the drums, parachute,
bells, clapping and dancing. She's wide-eyed and smiling all the way
through it. Jeff has such great energy and easy rapport with the kids
and parents. And, it is such a treat for me to see her in a group
setting. Really, it has been just perfect. :)
-Sara Suchman (mom of Adina 1 1/2 years)

I wanted to write to say how fabulous our time in Music Together was. Ella misses Jeff Jam terribly and talks about him almost every day, 4 months later. We have a photo of him, and she watches him on this "Vlog." Please send him our thanks for sharing his kindness and musical talents with our family.
-Melissa Bender (mom of Ella 2 1/2 years)