Julie is AMAZING! This is our first class with her and with Groovy Baby Music. I'm taking the class with three other moms from my moms' group. We have taken several other types of classes with our now-almost-one-year-olds in the past year and this is the best one yet! We all wrote checks today to sign up for next semester. Thank you for such a wonderful program and for Julie especially!
- Karen Dahl (mom of Henry 1 year)

I wanted to take a moment to say what a fabulous teacher Julie has
been. I could not get over Julie's energy this semester given her
pregnancy. Brennan and Liddy, who are both truly shy, really adore her and
feel comfortable with her. It's been great watching them in class together
--one of the few activities they can enjoy as siblings at this age.
Thanks for managing such an awesome program.
- Karen Dempsey (mom of Brennan 4 1/2years, and Liddy 3 years)

I also have to say that we think that your music program is wonderful, and Julie is an amazingly gifted teacher. Joseph loves his class with Julie so much that he has started pretending to be Julie (“me Julie”) and leading us all in music sessions with his toy broom as his guitar. His language abilities took off over the past few months, and I really feel that Julie’s class and the great music on the CD helped him to get the confidence to start talking.
-Nancy Latham (mom of Joseph 2 1/2 years)